23 Super Cute Lesbian Wedding Ideas

Because two brides are better than one.

1. Show your pride with a rainbow cake.


2. Or have a cake that only reveals its true colours later on.

AMP Photography / alexandrameseke.com / Via pinterest.com

3. A Katy Perry-inspired engagement photo.

Not everyone’s thing, but this one is lovely.

4. Make sure this rhyme features somewhere in your big day.

5. If you have an outside venue, ditch seating sides altogether by getting married in a circle.

Also, it looks magical.

6. There are plenty of lesbian cake toppers to choose from. Gender-neutral birds are particularly cute.


7. Mrs and Mrs invites.

This one shows two queen chess pieces. <3

8. Make sure you let everyone know you’re Mrs and Mrs on the big day too.


9. These rainbow Converse would provide a splash of colour peeping out from under a dress.

10. Show your support for marriage equality the world over somewhere in your day.

11. Coordinating jewellery can tie two outfits together.

12. If wedding dresses aren’t your thing, these jumpsuits are as beautiful as any dress.


Both are quite pricey. Buy here and here.

13. Girls look sharp in suits too.


J Crew / Flo Perry


Buy here and here.

14. A waistcoat and a dickie bow looks on trend.


A more casual and often less frumpy alternative to the full suit.

15. “Here come the brides” signs.

16. Two brides = two bouquets.

Matching or not, your single wedding guests will have double the chances of catching the flowers.

17. Rainbow flower-girls or bridesmaids.

18. Roller-derby flower girls.

Especially cute if you met at a roller derby.

19. Mrs and Mrs forks.

21. These cute favour bags.

22. Rainbow ribbons for the backs of chairs.

These would look so great blowing in the breeze at an outdoor wedding.

23. These adorable cufflinks.

Put your heart on your sleeve and buy them here.

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