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    23 Struggles Of Being The Tidiest Person In A House-Share

    The temptation to leave passive aggressive notes is strong.

    1. This is what your housemates think of as a clean kitchen.

    2. You're always the person who has to sort this shit out.


    It's not that hard guys, in fact, it is the easiest chore in the whole house.

    3. And this shit.


    If you go away for the weekend, you will come back to this.

    4. You're pretty sure you're the only person who knows where the hoover is. / Flo Perry / BuzzFeed

    Maybe this is because your housemates are scared of the wrath they will face if they ask where the hoover is, "HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW WHERE THE HOOVER IS!" etc.

    5. If you do see one of your housemates cleaning, it's like seeing a rare wild animal.

    Columbia Pictures / Via

    Don't make any sudden movements, don't let them know you are watching, definitely don't tell them they missed a spot.

    6. And they probably will miss a spot.


    Why do the washing up, and then leave one spoon? Was that one spoon going to push you over the edge? Or were you just blind to that spoon?

    7. You're pretty sure if you didn't live in the house, this would happen.

    8. Even if you say you won't do the cleaning up after a party... you probably will.

    9. Sometimes you decide to play by their rules, and go on strike.

    BBC / Via

    They have to crack soon right? When we run out of both bowls AND plates, then they'll crack.

    10. But you still always end up cracking first.

    Walt Disney / Flo Perry / BuzzFeed / Via

    11. Sometimes you think everyone else must be blind to dirt.

    NBC / Via

    How can you see the mould and never want to do anything about it? The only answer is they just don't see it.

    12. It's a constant struggle not leaving passive aggressive notes.


    You would never actually do that, because it would be you wiping the hair off the walls.

    13. It's almost impossible to sound casual when asking someone to take the bin out for the third time.

    Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) / Via

    "You know what's fun? Taking the bin out, I always enjoy it. MAYBE YOU SHOULD TRY IT."

    14. Everyday it's you against the shoe tide.

    Doomsday Entertainment / Via

    Take your shoes off in your own room people!

    15. When your housemates leave something on a table for weeks, treating that table like it's a shelf.


    Tables are for eating, and other table activities. Shelves are for stuff. There is a difference.

    16. How people can leave an empty packet in the cupboard is a complete mystery to you.

    Via Twitter: @dancinic

    Children and your housemate.

    17. Or when they don't even bother putting the empty packet back in the cupboard, and just leave it on the counter top.

    Pixar / Via

    It is very tempting to leave it in their room with a note saying, "you didn't throw this away, so I assumed you wanted to keep it."

    18. This is a crime against civilisation.

    19. Their slovenly habits have made you fear for your health.

    20. You fantasize about doing this all the time.

    21. Sometimes it feels like this might be true.

    22. Maybe one day they will learn...


    (Or you will get your own place.)

    23. But probably not.

    Keep up the fight!

    Universal Pictures / Via

    And when it all gets a bit much just watch some nice pressure washing.

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