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21 Struggles Of Being An Overthinker

Worrying is your specialist subject.

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1. Deciding what to wear is a difficult and complicated decision.

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This is because you have to think about what would look appropriate for everything you're doing that day, and what would be practical for all the different temperatures you will experience.

2. Leaving the house can also take years, as you have to check at least three times that you've turned the oven off and that you've remembered your keys.


You've called someone before and asked them to go to your room to see if you turned your straighteners off.

3. But then you can get so lost in your own thoughts that you completely forget something actually important.

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*Worries about being late four hours before you have to leave the house.*

*Misses crucial turning because you're too worried about going in for a hug or a handshake.*


15. But sometimes you can think about something so much that you also end up imagining a ridiculously positive outcome, which will probably never happen.

For example if a date goes well, you could well end up spending the whole journey home imagining what their surprise proposal will be like.


19. There is no worse feeling than getting drunk and not remembering what you said to someone.

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Because you will make up that you said something absolutely career-ruiningly, friendship-destroyingly awful.

21. You've had to come to terms with the fact that not everything has a hidden meaning, and you will make some mistakes.


And that's OK.

But if someone uploads a picture of a dog that's not theirs they are probably visiting their new girlfriend's parents' house or something.