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23 Of The Shadiest Things The Countess Dowager Has Ever Said

Violet Crawley is a shady lady.

1. For when you're angry at your man and he's wearing a suit:

2. For when someone is trying to call you out:

3. For when someone asks what your best friend's new man is like and he's not up to scratch:

4. For when you're trying as hard as you possibly can to be nice about your best friend's new man.

5. For when any American is annoying you:

6. For when you notice someone's haircut, but it's a bad decision:

7. For when you have a party and there's still stragglers at 6am:

8. For when someone is fishing for compliments:

9. For when you need to invite someone to the party just because you invited the rest of their group:

10. For when you know your ex is going to be at the same thing as you:

11. For when someone organises a terrible night out:

12. For when someone is being a moany bitch:

13. For when someone talks shit at you, but you want to be above it:

14. For when someone tries to drag the conversation back to their breakup for the third time that night:

15. For when someone says you're wrong:

16. For when you're meant to go out but you just want to stay in bed and watch Netflix:

17. For when your friend won't let you play on their Tinder:

18. For when someone says they won't do shots:

19. For when someone says you have no chill:

20. For when you're not ready to get involved in the beef, but you still want to know what's happening:

21. For when you think your man is cheating and you come home early from work:

22. For when someone asks about your love life:

23. For all the time: