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19 Signs You Can't Wait For Winter Again

Are you feeling hot and bothered?

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2. You hate sweating, even more than most people hate sweating.

In summer you sweat from places you didn't know you could sweat. There's the sweat that comes from under your boobs, the sweat that sticks your shirt to your back, and of course the sweat that leaves a print of your bum on any leather seat.


5. You don't understand the great appeal of drinking outside.

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"Let's take some beers to the park!" your friends say, but where will you pee? How will you keep your beers cold? And you'll get a grassy arse.

6. Everywhere is too crowded in the summer.


Everyone wants to go to that one bar with the nice roof, suddenly the park is full of people that usually never go to parks, and you can forget getting a towel-shaped spot on the beach.

8. You like the room you sleep in to be nicely chilled.

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There is no nicer feeling than feeling cold air on your face, but being cosy under your duvet. Summer is basically three months of bad sleeping.


9. You feel much more comfortable in winter clothes.


Summer clothes aren't as comfortable, skin sticking to skin, skin sticking to chairs, skin sticking to grass. No, no, no.

Plus, they definitely don't look as chic as lots of comfy wooly layers.

10. And what exactly are you meant to wear to work when it's hot?

Are short suits a thing?

11. Summer can also involve showing parts of your body that rarely see the light of day.

This is always awkward, if you're pale you have to try to not blind people with your legs. Plus you might want to spend a week shaving off all the body hair you'd been cultivating over the winter months.


13. Even though you know you hate the sun, you feel pressure to go outside.

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It's only this hot for about three days a year. You should make the most of it by doing all those things you hate, like getting sweaty and drinking beers that are not the optimum temperature.

14. There is nothing nicer than being inside when it's raining.

Rain might be the most beautiful type of weather. And it gets rid of humidity, which is the worst type of weather.

15. And winter food is obviously better than summer food.

BBQs are dangerously overrated, most of them consist of some over-cooked meat that you waited too long for. And as for salads, fuck salads.

16. Winter means you can enjoy your favourite hobby guilt-free.

On a comfortable sofa, under a blanket.


17. And if you do go out, you can go to the inside of a pub.

The fire will be warm and the beer will be cold.

18. Remember cool breezes?

And crunchy leaves? And crisp air? And wearing jackets? It's great isn't it.