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    Posted on Oct 8, 2015

    19 Signs You And Your Best Friend Are Becoming The Same Person

    "You can't wear stripes, I'm wearing stripes."

    1. You've suffered from accidental twin syndrome.

    And then if you live together, you've argued over who should change.

    2. In group situations you just need to share a glance to know they are thinking the same thing as you.

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    3. And you always know when you're gonna need an emergency debrief in the toilet.


    4. You know their own romantic history better than you know your own.

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    And you probably could guess what they would rate each person out of 10.

    5. You know their type so well you can always tell if they'd fancy someone or not.

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    6. You know all their signature dance moves and can impersonate them on demand.


    And you know how they dance at all the different levels of drunk.

    7. And you definitely have at least one song which you have a little synchronised dance to.

    And if it comes on you just can't not do it.

    8. Sometimes you weirdly crave the same foods at the same time.



    9. You can't lie to them, and they can't lie to you

    Because you can basically read their mind.

    10. You hate all the same people.

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    And you get a weird satisfaction from introducing your BFF to someone you don't like, and your BFF hating them too.

    11. You have so many in-jokes that you basically have your own secret language.


    And anyone listening in doesn't have a clue what you're on about.

    12. You watch series together like a couple and wouldn't dream of watching an episode without them.


    Or if you did you would try to lie to cover it up, but then they would know you were lying, and be mad at you for, like, five minutes.

    13. You always arrive together to all events.

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    Because you need to get ready together to make sure you're not wearing the same thing.

    14. No one can invite you to a party without inviting them too.


    And if they DARED do that, you'd just ask for them to be a plus-one anyway.

    15. Nudity doesn't bother you at all any more.

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    You've had many conversations while full-on starkers.

    16. Same goes for most bodily functions.


    Peeing with the door open is common practice.

    17. You don't need to ask how they are.


    You can just tell if they're down from the tone of their voice.

    18. And when they get upset, you get upset.


    It just makes you sad to see them sad.

    19. You're not quite sure what you would do without them.


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