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24 Secrets Paramedics Will Never Tell You

Don't even think about calling us ambulance drivers.

1. Every paramedic has a FBUR story. (That's foreign body up rectum.)


Yup, that means someone has got something stuck up their bum.

2. A lot of paramedics end up dating each other.


You're spending 10 or more hours in a van together all the time. And on top of that it can be hard for a partner to be understanding of the levels of stress we face.

3. You will miss so many special occasions.

4. And you can forget about weekends.

5. We really do come as fast as we possibly can.

6. We aren't just "ambulance drivers".

7. In fact to become a paramedic in the UK now you need to do at least a foundation degree.

8. And we're definitely not taxi drivers.

9. We often end up being someone's last resort, and see people who've really been let down by the system.

10. Most of us have been verbally and physically assaulted at work.

11. It's pretty hard to gross us out, as we've seen every bodily fluid imaginable.

12. Blood really doesn't faze us at all.

13. And we're very good at seeing blood outside the body and estimating how much blood has been lost.

14. We don't take everyone we see to hospital.

15. We spend a serious amount of time waiting in hospitals.

16. Not every paramedic drives a van.

17. Ambulances break down A LOT.

18. There's a lot less of us than people think.

19. You don't get to be seen quicker at hospital if you arrive by ambulance, unless it's actually a life-threatening problem.

20. It's impossible not to be affected by the sad parts of our job.

21. One of the hardest parts of our jobs is handing over patients at the hospital.

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When you arrive at hospital with a critically ill patient there will be a team of doctors, consultants, radiologists, and nurses all waiting for you. They all want to hear what you have to say and you have to explain everything you know as loudly, quickly, and accurately as you can. It can be pretty intimidating. So if you suffer badly from stage fright, this might not be the job for you either.

22. Getting a thank you card really makes our day.

23. But nothing beats finding out you actually saved someone's life.

24. We would really love it if everyone learnt how to use an automatic defibrillator!

BuzzFeed spoke to several UK NHS paramedics for this post.

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