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17 Signs You're Addicted To Leggings

Living that elasticated waist lifestyle.

1. You can't remember the last time you wore actual trousers.

2. The last time you wore regular trousers you were shocked that most people put up with this level of restriction.

3. This is a familiar sight to you.

4. You know that in leggings you can achieve things that trousers would never let you do.

5. Like this.

6. This is problem of the past now.

7. Although there is still pain in your life.

8. But you found an ingenious solution...

9. You wear leggings to look casual.

10. And you wear leggings for when you wanna look glam.

11. Leggings for when you want to make a statement.

12. Even though your legging collection is extensive, your wish list is longer.

13. You might have once or twice slept in the leggings you wore that day.

14. You're still not sure about the controversial megging...

15. And you know that there is a legging look for everyone out there.

16. Every day is a legging day.

17. Viva la leggings.