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    Nov 11, 2014

    The 22 Cringiest Lolz Of All Time

    If you ever want your creepy Tinder messages to sound even creepier, just add some lol!

    1. That last lol, which totally turned the conversation around.

    2. The lol in this extremely risky tweet.

    3. This sad lol.

    4. This very uncomfortable lol.

    5. This vagina based lol.

    6. These lolz, from the same guy, which are so full of hope.

    7. This boner based lol.

    8. This haha, from someone who is not really getting this whole flirting thing.

    9. This lol from a vampire.

    10. This lol which changed mood rather quickly.

    11. This lol, which may be the creepiest lol that ever lol'd.

    12. This pube based lol.

    13. This jk, that was not actually a jk.

    14. This tweet that wants to share too much.

    15. That last lol, which is a very mean lol.

    16. This awkward lol, with its desperate co-star haha.

    17. This lol that is so unsure of itself.

    18. This lol that just doesn't know if it's kidding or not.

    19. That last lol, which is just #sorandom.

    Telling people randomly, not so lol.

    20. This lol, that is out and proud, but also awkward.

    21. This lol, who really doesn't care about the 0% match.

    22. These lolz that are just really into clone sex and that is normal OK?

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