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18 Reasons You Should Wear Your Pyjamas Outside The House

I literally woke up like this.

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5. So it's time to take these wondrous garments out of the bedroom and into the wider world.

6. Pyjamas go with anything.

Look how glamorous these pyjamas look now.


9. People who think others shouldn't wear pyjamas outside are just scared to show their true selves to the world.

Why do people still insist on wearing their pyjamas outside? #fashionpolice #justwrong #myeyes #blackrock

What did these people ever do to you, Ruth?

12. Pyjamas are so trendy right now. If you're not wearing them outside who even are you?

The only way it's ok to wear pajamas outside the house. @MichaelKors #FW15 #lovethislook #NYFW

And by the way Vanessa, use your imagination because there are so many ways you can wear pyjamas outside the house.


13. Pyjamas are suitable for ALL occasions.

Look at these pyjama babes, going about their daily business, learning all the important things, rocking pyjamas.

14. Rihanna totally rocks the red carpet pyjama look.

#IWokeUpLikeThis: When pajamas were acceptable to wear outside of the bedroom

15. You can get pyjamas suitable for all seasons.

These pyjamas would be perfect for a casual day out in summer.

16. These pyjamas look so cosy you could never be cold.

18. In conclusion: If this horse can pull off pyjamas outside, you can too.