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    23 Reasons You Should Never Rescue A Cat

    Why would you want to save a life and gain a new best friend? It just doesn't make sense.

    1. Rescue cats are all unfriendly.

    2. Their sad pasts means that they can't trust humans anymore.

    This puss comes from an abusive background, and you can see that no amount of love and care is going to get him over it.

    3. And none of them are at all beautiful in any way.

    4. And disabled cats can never be cute.

    5. Nope, I don't think a cat could ever look absolutely adorable without ears.

    6. Rescue cats will be terrible with kids.

    7. And if you have a dog you can't even consider adopting one.

    My rescue cat and dog from @BDCH Who said #staffies aren't soft! #BatterseaDog #BatterseaCat

    8. Rescue cats will never be able to get along with any other cats.

    9. They will all be antisocial without any personality.

    10. They'll never want to hang out and play games with you.

    11. They are crap TV watching buddies.

    12. And no amount of love could ever change a cat.

    My rescue cat Crookshanks. 'Less adoptable' b/c used to be feral.Was scared of everything.Not anymore #NationalCatDay

    13. Seriously don't even bother just getting to know them a bit.

    I adopted this "non lap cat" 2 and half months ago. And looked what happened today, even if he is giving me side eye.

    14. All rescue cats are old.

    15. And old cats definitely aren't any fun.

    16. You'll never be able to own any fancy breeds if you adopt.

    17. "All kinds of cats end up in shelters" — absolute bullshit.

    18. Rescue cats may look happy in their new homes, but it's obviously not the case.

    19. They will be anxious the whole time!

    @CeliaHammond #jellybellyfriday my rescue cat Frank, stressed out as always!

    20. Rescuing a cat will make your life significantly worse.

    Watching footy and unable to move thanks to my rescue cat

    21. It definitely won't brighten every single day.

    Spoek my rescue cat. Whether I rescued him or him me is debatable.

    22. They definitely won't become your new BFF.

    23. Adopting a cat definitely won't be the best decision you ever made.

    Jo Estrin

    So don't even think about it!

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