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    Jul 30, 2015

    18 Reasons Why Pubs Are Definitely Better Than Clubs

    The modern nightclub has nothing on the ancient British tradition of the public house.

    1. In pubs you can sit down.


    Good pubs have lots of seats, that you can get really drunk on, and you don't even have to worry about being able to stand up.

    2. You can hear stuff.


    Pubs are the perfect location to enjoy conversation with your friends. In clubs you could never do this with ease, you have to shout at each other, making for uncivilised chat.

    3. They have food in pubs.

    Flickr: chrisgold

    This is the big one. Because food is the best, and clubs do not serve food. After you've got slightly tipsy all you want is a little snack, or a full-blown meal, but you cannot get this in a club.

    Scotch eggs, pork scratchings, pies! These are glorious things, and widely available in pubs.

    4. Pubs are free to enter.

    Granted the landlord will probably not appreciate you coming in and not buying anything, but technically pubs are free. You usually have to pay to enter a club, so you're paying to go to a place where you can't sit down and doesn't serve food. 😒

    5. You can even play games in pubs!

    So if you get bored of everything your friends have to say you can choose to argue with them over the quiz machine instead, or the darts board, or the pool table.

    6. On warm summer evenings you can sit outside pubs.

    Flickr: neilsingapore

    You can enjoy the setting sun, watch the people, talk to your loved ones, feel the breeze on your face, all while getting really drunk.

    7. And on cold nights you can sit in a pub with a fireplace.

    Flickr: 113104158@N06

    The best pubs are like going round to someone's house, but someone that has a much nicer house than you.

    8. Clubs are really sweaty.


    Apart from that one spot right under the air conditioning unit. Pubs are always a pleasant temperature, the kind of temperature you can wear a nice cardigan in and not be too hot.

    9. Pubs close at a reasonable time.


    Clubs don't get good until about 11pm, and that is well past most sensible people's bedtimes. Pubs are closing at 11pm, because pubs know that everyone makes mistakes after midnight.

    10. In clubs you have to dance.

    Dancing has the potential to be really fun, but it's not for everyone, and it's practically compulsory in clubs. Sitting down is everyone's favourite activity, so everyone is happy in a pub.

    11. There is less making out in pubs.

    Clubs tend to turn into human breeding grounds after a while. This means that not only will people probably try to get with you, but other people will make out very close to you, they might even accidentally brush against you as they're playing tonsil tennis. 😖

    12. People don't grind on you in pubs.

    Grinding is the worst thing ever to happen to humanity. No one wants some strangers crotch rubbing against their bum. This happens in clubs, but it doesn't happen in pubs.

    13. Pubs serve a wide selection of cold, reasonably priced drinks.

    Universal Pictures

    Yes some pubs are quite expensive, but not as expensive as some clubs can be.

    In pubs you can drink a variety of cold pints of ale, lager or even some strong cloudy cider. Or you can order a G&T or a white wine spritzer. In clubs you're lucky if you get a choice of beer, and if you get a pint some prick will bump into you and it will spill all over your best shirt. So you're better off doing sambuca shots, and they're gross.

    14. You can watch the TV in the pub.

    15. Pubs do pub quizzes.

    Comedy Central

    With prizes! And everyone loves quizzes.

    16. Pubs have a community.


    People are friendly in pubs, they won't search your bag, or ask how much you've had to drink before they let you in. OK maybe a Wetherspoon's on a Saturday night will. But a good pub will have nice steady staff, and regulars, and will feel like your home away from home.

    17. Pubs can be properly beautiful.

    Flickr: fallstreak_holes

    That's The Churchill Arms in Notting Hill, and have you ever see a club that's even nearly that inviting?

    18. You can take a dog to a pub.

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