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    Posted on Aug 26, 2015

    27 Reasons Why Everyone Should Live With Their Friends In Their Twenties

    It's literally a sleepover everyday.

    1. Because suddenly staying in and doing nothing will become your favourite thing to do.

    2. Because simple things like going to the shops suddenly become hilarious.

    3. Because cooking with friends is twice as fun as cooking alone.

    4. Because everyday disasters end in fits of giggles.

    5. Because you'll have to face those disasters together.

    6. And even if you live in a shithole you'll see the funny side.

    7. Because you'll develop in-jokes that you can't remember the origin of.

    8. Because you will have the best house parties of your life.

    9. And the cleaning up won't be quite so bad together.

    10. Because it's nice to live with people who share some of your interests.

    11. Because you always have someone to get ready with.

    12. And someone to come home with.

    13. But most importantly someone to share hangovers with.

    14. Because you can be very open about toilet habits.

    15. And clothes will be mainly optional.

    16. Because you can be your true self.

    17. And you'll find out things about your friends you never knew before.

    18. Because you can huddle together for warmth.

    19. Because you can share food with friends.

    20. Because Friendmas is better than Christmas.

    21. Because you'll have someone to debrief with whenever you need emergency advice.

    22. And someone to cheer you up when it all goes wrong.

    23. Because most of the drama will be fun drama.

    24. Because your friends will be cool about who you bring home at night.

    25. Because there will always be someone around when you need a favour.

    26. Because they'll be more love notes than passive-aggressive post-its.

    27. Because your friends are right there whenever you need them.

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