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18 Reasons You Should Plait Your Hair Every Damn Day

Braids are not just for school girls, they are for cool girls.

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1. Plaits are actually the perfect hairstyle for lazy girls.

2. Because plaits still look super cool even when they are a bit of a bird's nest.

If you're not very good at pulling Dutch braids tight enough, you can usually get them to do what you want them to do by shoving some kirby grips up in there.

3. If you embrace the fly-aways you can actually sleep in them and then do nothing the next day.

Just shove a few more kirby grips in if they get too messy.

4. Plaits and braids of all kinds are super trendy.

I don't know if this is a thing, or something I just feel in my waters, but it's just true OK.


5. There are pop-up braid bars in East London right now.

Therefore it MUST be cool.

6. It's not half as difficult as it looks to do a basic French braid and all your friends will be mega impressed.

This is actually the reverse French or Dutch braid, it's just as easy as a normal french.

And it is an excellent upper arm workout, bye bye bingo wings.

7. There are like a bajillion tutorials online.

View this video on YouTube

You might look like a mess on your first go, but persevere and you'll feel like a plait queen.

8. Braids are not just for long hair either.

And French and Dutch braids can give the illusion of an undercut, and make you look like the coolest person ever.


9. French braids are the actual best when you can't be arsed to wash your hair.

In fact they work better when your hair is a bit greasy.

10. Can you think of any other hairstyle you could wear to the gym and then straight to the party?

Your basic bun would not hold, or look as trendy on the dance floor.

11. There seem to be a hundred different ways to braid your hair and they all look amazing.

12. But it doesn't need to be super complicated to look super chic.

13. Because you can put little charms in your braids.

Like your hair deserves some jewelry too you know.

14. If you are in the painful process of growing out a fringe, some skilled braiding can take that pain away from you.

15. If you actually want to get shit done without taking hair out of your mouth every 5 seconds, plaits are your best friend.

Buns are so 2014, plaits are NOW.

16. Plaited ponytail > boring old regular ponytail.

I like to call this look the Power Plaitâ„¢ because you can use it to hit people with.

17. Plaits obviously allow you to express yourself like no other hairstyle.

18. And when you finally take out your plaits you feel like a mermaid.

And this is super fun even if all you do is take a selfie before you get in the shower.