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27 Reasons To Fall In Love With A Londoner

If you even needed convincing to fall for people this cool.

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1. Londoners are the coolest people in the country.

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2. Londoners are always ready to jump on the latest bandwagon.

However ridiculous it sounds.

However ridiculous it sounds.

3. And we are always up to date with the latest trends.

However out-there, someone in London will be wearing it.
Twitter: @Ss_Steppa

However out-there, someone in London will be wearing it.

4. But we are also excellent at laughing at ourselves.

5. And we'll be able to show you a good time.

6. We will have tried every cuisine out there.

7. And we know where to take you to try the best of each one.

8. We'll know a good bar to take you that won't be full of tourists.

Like Slim Jims in Angel, which gives you a free bottle of bubbly in exchange for a bra to hang from their ceiling, which although kind of creepy, is a very good deal.

9. We are excellent on a night out.

10. But we don't take peace and quiet for granted.

11. We know which rules are worth breaking.

12. And which rules must never be broken.

Always stand on the right.
Twitter: @jlax

Always stand on the right.

13. Londoners have class.

14. We're extremely resourceful.

15. And actually very polite.

16. If you fall in love with a Londoner they might be able to give you somewhere to stay in London. Which considering the house prices is very handy.

17. We're used to putting up with some shit.

18. And we have learnt to be patient.

19. We may not be the most typically friendly people.

20. But we actually have a lot of love to give.

21. If you're lucky we'll take you on dates like this.

22. We might take you on a walk in a park like this.

23. We have an excellent sense of humour.

This isn't a particularly good example of it.
Twitter: @usayd

This isn't a particularly good example of it.

24. We're pretty fit.

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25. We know how to show off our best assets.

26. And we can be cute too.

27. Everyone should fall in love with a Londoner.