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57 Reasons Living In London Ruins You For Life

There is nowhere like London. How could you live anywhere else?

1. Because you can go on the roof on the One New Change shopping centre and see this.

Swift Photography Company / Flickr: rebeccaswift

2. Because we have some pretty nice parks.

Ewan Munro / Flickr: 55935853@N00

Such as Crystal Palace Park, pictured here.

3. Because the view from the top of Parliament Hill will take your breath away.

[Duncan] / Flickr: duncanh1 / CC

4. Because Regent's Park rose garden in the spring is a taste of heaven.

Jeff Knezovich / Flickr: knezovjb / CC

5. Because you're surrounded by some of the most important historical buildings in the country.

Christian Reimer / Flickr: christianreimer

6. Because if you look for the blue plaques you'll see history everywhere.

under_volcano / Flickr: under_volcano

7. Because we have some of the oldest pubs in the country.

Richard Gillin / / CC

It is thought that a pub has stood on the site of the Cheshire Cheese since the 13th century.

8. Because of the view of St Paul's from the Millennium Bridge.

Thamer Al-Hassan / Flickr: realfantasy

9. And we have Westminster Abbey.

Simon Hadleigh-Sparks / Flickr: simon__syon

10. Because you can go to see some of the greatest works of art whenever you want, for free.

Rudolf Schuba / Flickr: rudolf_schuba

Tate Britain, Tate Modern, the National Gallery, the National Portrait Gallery, and hundreds of smaller collections and galleries are completely free and open to the public.

11. Or go check out the wonders of nature at the Natural History Museum, for free.

Klovovi / Flickr: klovovi

12. Or hang out with the mummies at the British Museum...for free.

Guillermo Viciano / Flickr: gviciano

13. Because you can spend an afternoon lounging on the lawn opposite Kenwood House.

Magnus D / Flickr: magnus_d / CC

14. Because the tube makes this massive city feel slightly more manageable.

Jim Bahn / Flickr: gcwest

(And soon it will be open 24 hours!)

15. Because it doesn't snow much in London, but when it does it's magical.

Mike_fleming / Flickr: flem007_uk

16. Because there's always something new on the fourth plinth.

Matthew Lloyd/ Stringer / Getty Images

At the moment it's a big blue cock, which is excellent.

17. Because we have Boris bikes.

Les Haines / Flickr: leshaines123 / CC

Bikes ready to rent right on the street, all over the city.

18. Because there are wild deer in Richmond Park.

John Stratford / Flickr: john47kent

19. Because you can buy pretty much any food the world has to offer.

Paul Wilkinson / Flickr: eepaul

French cheeses from Borough Market.

20. Such as pizza from Pizza Pilgrims.

Facebook: pizzapilgrims

They have two restaurants and a van, so you should be able to find them.

21. Fish 'n' chips from Poppies.

Derrick S. / Flickr: dsiao / CC

They have restaurants in Spitalfields and Camden.

22. Or curry from Brick Lane.

Steve Cadman / Flickr: stevecadman

23. Because there is part of the original London Wall outside the Museum of London.

[Duncan] / Flickr: duncanh1

24. Because once a year the whole of Notting Hill is overtaken by carnival.

A Pillow of Winds / Flickr: tanzim

25. Because Chinatown looks like this on Chinese New Year.

Fabio Dell'Anna / Flickr: fabiodellanna

26. Because London Pride is the best.

David Rosen / Flickr: davidrosenphotography

Even when it literally rains on our parade.

27. Because our Olympics was definitely the best ever.

Shimelle Laine / Flickr: shimelle

28. Because there are lidos in the heart of the city.

Peter Smith / Flickr: purpaboo

This is the heated London Fields lido in Hackney, which is open all year round.

29. Because Brompton cemetery is creepily beautiful.

30. Because of the Shri Swaminarayan Temple in Neasden.

31. Because you can get the train to Paris from King's Cross St Pancras.

Nan Palmero / Flickr: nanpalmero

32. Because anyone can swim in the London Aquatics Centre.

Rick Ligthelm / Flickr: ligthelm

Swim in the same pool where Michael Phelps became the most decorated Olympian ever for £4.50.

33. Because you usually see a fox when you're coming home from the pub.

Olly Scott / Flickr: ollyscott

34. And the parakeets are spreading more every year.

ulrich zink / Flickr: uzink

35. And terrapins live in our canals.

GanMed64 / Flickr: ganmed64

36. Because every time you go down Commercial Road you're reminded of this important message.

Rupert Ganzer / Flickr: loop_oh

And there are old tube trains on the roof.

37. Because we have the tallest building in Europe.

[Duncan] / Flickr: duncanh1

38. Because we have universities that look like this.

Steve Cadman / Flickr: stevecadman

University College London, just off Gower Street.

39. And this.

Dale Harvey / Flickr: daleharvey

That's Greenwich University.

40. Because you can always watch someone doing tricks at the skate park on the South Bank.

Garry Knight / Flickr: garryknight

41. Because you can go rock climbing inside this castle.

DAVID HOLT / Flickr: zongo

It's just off Green Lanes near Stoke Newington.

42. Because you can get a little taste of the rainforest at Kew Gardens.

43. Because you can take a pedalo on the Serpentine.

Garry Knight / Flickr: garryknight

44. Because our river can be pretty spectacular.

Robin Wylie / Flickr: 77286698@N03

45. Because there are hundreds of markets, and each one probably sells something that none of the others do.

▲ sept. ▲ / Flickr: kaze-wo-atsumete

46. Because streets like this exist in the centre of London.

Loco Steve / Flickr: locosteve

That's Leadenhall Market in the City.

47. Because you can never run out of things to do in London.

André Zehetbauer / Flickr: az1172

48. Because there are too many gigs to choose from every night.

giovanni / Flickr: liveloudtx

That's Phoenix Hart performing at The Troubadour.

49. Because there is always a bar you've never drunk at before.

Martin Pulaski / Flickr: martinpulaski / CC

50. A restaurant you've yet to visit.

Cory Doctorow / Flickr: doctorow

The Feng Shang Princess, a floating Chinese restaurant on Regent's Canal.

51. A tourist attraction you've never done.

Warren Chrismas / Flickr: warrenchrismas

The Emirates Air Line.

52. A beautiful street you've never walked down before.

Nikos Koutoulas / Flickr: 33284937@N04

This is Great Scotland Yard Street, and the route number 9 is still a Routemaster.

53. The best thing about London is that I've probably not mentioned your favourite spot.

aimee rivers / Flickr: sermoa

54. Because there are too many beautiful back streets.

Mikel Ortega / Flickr: mikelo

Such as Neal's Yard in Covent Garden.

55. Because there are too many iconic buildings to mention.

mendhak / Flickr: mendhak

Such as Battersea Power Station.

56. Too many things to do.

fsse8info / Flickr: fsse-info

Such as ice skating at Somerset House.

57. Because:

Megan Eaves / Flickr: megoizzy