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    33 Reasons Living In Durham Will Ruin You For Life

    Because other people don't get to see a proper castle every single day.

    1. Because you just get used to living in a UNESCO world heritage site.

    2. Because once you've lived next to one of the greatest remaining examples of Norman architecture, it's hard to say goodbye.

    3. Because no other sunrise looks quite like this.

    4. Because it's easy to forget that not everyone basically lives on a film set.

    5. That not every student union is in a place like this.

    6. And that not every high street is overlooked by a proper castle that people actually live in.

    7. Because not every town has houses that look like this.

    8. Because you don't get this kind of history and tradition everywhere you go.

    9. And not every city gets taken over by modern art every two years.

    10. Because not everyone can pop to a world-class botanical garden for some tea and cake on a Saturday afternoon.

    11. Because this isn't something you see in most cities.

    12. Because not many rowers get to train under Prebends Bridge.

    13. And not many sports have a backdrop like this.

    14. Because in other towns people don't want to live near the train tracks.

    15. Because you don't get cute houses like this in every town.

    16. Because you can't hire Brown's Boats anywhere else.

    17. Because you can't get Bells Fish and Chips everywhere.

    And nowhere does cheesy chips like Stantons.

    18. Because nowhere does brunch like Flat White or ice cream like Split and Glory.

    19. Because most Italian restaurants don't do spaghetti pizza and two-litre bottles of wine.

    Obviously Spags does though.

    20. And it's easy to get used to being surrounded by so many excellent fry-ups.

    21. Because after living in Durham a little hill won't bother you.

    22. In fact you'll just appreciate the character hills give to a place.

    23. Because you'd miss this guy if you went anywhere else.

    24. Because it's easy to get used to something like this being so close to the centre of your city.

    25. Because it's actually hard to find peace and quiet in some towns.

    26. Because there's a pub on nearly every corner.

    27. Because not many university halls look like this.

    28. Because there's not many places that look like this in the snow.

    29. Because you get used to being able to walk from one side of town to the other in half an hour.

    30. Because you don't get surprises like this round every corner wherever you go.

    31. Because it's so easy to get used to lying on the grass of Palace Green.

    32. Because it's hard to leave a place this beautiful.

    33. And so easy to call it home.