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21 Reasons Everyone Should Fall In Love With A Real Bitch

They will always hate who you hate, no questions asked.

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8. If they have any kind of juicy conversation, or if they see any cringe Facebook updates, they will definitely screenshot it and send it to you.

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Warning: If you do this on Snapchat, even if it's just on the chat bit, the other person gets a notification. Learn from me.


10. And they'll always find a way to not invite that person you both find annoying, who you really should probably invite.


They'll find out when their sister's getting married and purposefully arrange all the plans to be on that day.


17. They might pretend to be nice a lot, but when you know a bitchy person really well you'll be able to see straight through this.

18. But with you, you can always trust them to be brutally honest even if you don't really enjoy it at the time.

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Because when a bitchy person actually likes you they see no problem in telling you that your outfit is kind of a mess.