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    34 Reasons London Is The Best Place To Spend Christmas

    When everyone else is leaving London, this is why you should stay.

    1. Because Christmas makes London just a little bit more magical.

    2. Because you'll be glad when it gets dark.

    3. Because the streets should be decorated like this all year round.

    4. Because there is massive Christmas tree all the way from Norway in Trafalgar Square.

    5. Because even Christmas shopping can feel like a treat.

    Flickr: pug_girl

    That is Burlington Arcade in Piccadilly Circus.

    6. Because the Christmas markets make you feel like a kid again.

    Flickr: garryknight

    That one is on the South Bank.

    7. Because our department stores know how to put up some paper chains.

    Flickr: 14730981@N08

    Like Liberties on Carnaby Street.

    8. Because it will make you want to rush home and decorate your tree.

    9. Because Santa runs take place all over the city and raise money for hundreds of charities.

    Garry Knight / Flickr: garryknight

    10. Because fun fairs spring up all over the city.

    Flickr: jimmy2k

    That one is on the Embankment.

    11. Because you can get mulled wine at the market too!

    Flickr: garryknight

    (Which makes Christmas shopping much easier.)

    12. Because London pubs are full of mulled wine and mince pies.

    Flickr: 14730981@N08

    That is Rules the oldest restaurant in London.

    13. Because we can do modern Christmas as well as traditional.

    Flickr: morebyless

    The giant plug is on the corner of Ganton Street and Marshall Street in Soho.

    14. Because you can go iceskating in the best places.

    15. Like just by the Tower of London.

    16. Or in the middle of Somerset House.

    17. Because you can get the best Christmas Puddings.

    Flickr: 55935853@N00

    That one is from the One Aldwych Hotel.

    18. And the most extravagant Christmas dinners.

    That one is served at The Villandry in Great Portland St.

    19. Because our New Year's Eve fireworks are pretty great.

    20. We really know how to throw a party.

    21. And on New Year's Eve the tubes are open 24 hours and are completely free after midnight.

    22. Because snow transforms London.

    23. Because all Londoners look good in the snow.

    24. Because we'll make sure there is space for everyone to have a go on a sledge.

    25. Because snow makes our views even more breathtaking.

    26. Because snow outlines all our trees beautifully.

    27. And it makes the streets eerily quiet.

    28. Because crisp winter light makes the city look even better.

    29. Because London gets emptier around Christmas.

    30. Because everyone else decides to leave the city at Christmas.

    31. And those of us left get just a little bit friendlier.

    32. Because you'll have a chance to appreciate the city without the rush.

    33. Because it's the one day a year the city takes a break.

    34. Because it's the only time of year you'll get a view like this to yourself.

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