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17 Questions Science Students Have For Arts Students

How much do you really nap? Are you napping right now?

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1. What do you actually do all day?

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You max have like 3 hours of contact time in a day, so what are you doing for all the other hours!?

2. Do you get lonely?


All those hours with only yourself for company. There must be a downside to having all that free time, right?

3. Or do you have a secret club where all you art students hang out at 2pm on a Tuesday?


4. Or do you just wank all day?

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All that time alone, trying to do work, on the computer... it's understandable.

5. Do you actually think your degree is worth the money?


Because I once broke £300 of glassware in one 3 hour lab, and I didn't get charged a penny.

6. How do you resist the urge to nap?


Or do you just embrace the nap and call it a siesta?

7. Why do you still end up pulling all nighters when you have so much time?


And why are you still doing this for finals?

8. Is it because you spend so much time sleeping?


We can understand that.

9. Does having to write essays about fun stuff ruin that thing for you?


Like if you do Film Studies and your friends suggest going to the cinema, do you want to kill them?

10. Do you actually read ALL of those books you take out of the library?

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Or like one page from each?

11. How much of your social interaction happens at the library?

Is that why you talk so loudly in there all the fucking time?

12. Do you sometimes talk about your degree for fun?


Like chatting philosophical theory in the pub just for lolz?

13. Are all of your lectures really interesting?

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Do they teach you stuff you never knew about yourself? Like deep stuff?

14. Do you ever wonder how useful your degree will be if the apocalypse comes?


Knowing what Shakespeare was really trying to say won't help you when the zombies rise. Just saying.

15. Do you look down on some art subjects you consider to be easier than yours?


Because you're all in the same artsy fartsy boat to us.

16. Do you look at us in wonder every day as we go to our 9am lectures?

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17. Do you think science students are all geniuses?