22 Pieces Of Beautifully Minimalist Geometric Jewellery

    Make some shapes.

    1. This flashy, but elegant bracelet full of shapes.

    2. This simple not quite rhombus necklace.

    3. These massive but fine heptagon earrings.

    4. This sterling silver, rose gold plated, hexagon set, that also comes with a simple bangle.

    5. These tortoiseshell triangle earrings.

    6. These simple gold pyramid collar tips.

    7. This gold-plated triangle necklace.

    8. This statement necklace that will add some texture and colour to your outfit, but not too much.

    9. These sterling silver hexagonal hoops.

    10. These simple yet colourful triangular earrings.

    11. This necklace that will add the smallest splash of gold and turquoise to any outfit.

    12. This earthy porcelain ring.

    13. This sterling silver, double-sided ring.

    14. This wooden geometric necklace.

    15. This transparent geometric necklace, that you can get personalised with your initial.

    16. These super simple 22ct gold-plated rounded squares.

    17. These bold, but elegant, pointy necklaces.

    18. This colour block triangular broach.

    19. These branchy heptagon bangles.

    20. This leather 3D effect necklace.

    21. These little crystal cage necklaces.

    22. These totally randomly shaped collar pins.