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25 Memes That Will Make Call Centre Workers Laugh Harder Than They Should

If you've ever worked in a call centre you know the struggle.

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1. When you're just straight-up lying:

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2. When eight hours feels like your whole lifetime:

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3. When you can't believe how much bullshit you have to take every day:

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4. When you ponder the future of the human race:

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5. When you couldn't give less of a shit:

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6. When the customer just doesn't seem to understand how much more horrible you could be:

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7. When the last thing you want to do after your shift is spend anytime on the phone:


8. When the customer wants you to change the entire company policy but all you can do is read the sheet:

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10. When the toilet is your favourite place at work:

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11. When someone tells you their life story before they get to their problem and then you can't even help them:

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12. When you just need to turn the volume down a couple of notches:

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13. When your personal customer service standards suddenly slip:

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14. When you're praying for a miracle:

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15. When the service is just really bad that day, and it's crazy how many of your calls seem to "cut off":

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16. When you wonder if it's all worth it:

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17. When your customers have been particularly creative in their insults:

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18. When you're using all your energy to fake it:

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19. When you wonder if this is the dumbest customer ever, or that one you had last week:

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20. When you can't get through the day without constant snacking:

21. When you don't even have time to eat:

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22. When you hoped today might be the day:

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23. When time just doesn't make sense anymore:

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24. When it feels like you've been doing this job forever:

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25. When you know that the call centre life isn't your destiny:

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