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    26 Pictures That Shouldn't Annoy You, But Definitely Will

    There are other evils in the world, but these pictures are still annoying. H/T r/mildlyinfuriating

    1. The way this sandwich has been arranged.

    2. Whoever cut this cake does not deserve some cake.

    3. This sad, caramel-less Twix.

    4. The way these packages have been opened without any thought for the good of humanity.

    5. How this pizza slice has been cruelly cut in half.

    6. Once you see the eight is upside down you won't be able to unsee it.

    7. This desktop background.

    8. This reminder of all the wasted chocolate on Reese's cups wrappers.

    9. This "blueberry" waffle.

    10. The totally logical way this exam is divided into two halves.

    11. This one evil, evil light.

    12. This extremely useful, not at all frustrating mirror design.

    13. These bottles, taking up valuable fridge space, that someone thoughtfully put back.

    14. That one tile that you just can't move.

    15. This egg did not deserve to be peeled like this.

    16. This half-done job that ain't gonna fix itself.

    17. This missed opportuni-TEA.

    18. The random placement of these light switches.

    19. This banana-related disaster.

    20. This toilet art that's bound to leave someone embarrassed.

    21. These buttons that will eat a little bit of your life every day.

    22. This badly placed towel dispenser.

    23. This barely there bread.

    24. Packaging that just won't let you in.

    25. This simple KitKat that kind of hurts your teeth to look at.

    26. This questionnaire that's just asking you to fuck up.

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