25 Pictures That Are Way, Way Too Real For All Cat Owners

    Fact: Cats hate all delicate objects resting near the edge of a surface.

    1. This cat demonstrating its determination for destruction.

    2. This cat who does not obey any man.

    3. This cat who understands where true power lies, and will defend it to the death.

    4. This cat being a twat, just for the hell of it.

    5. And this one.

    6. This chart that accurately explains how cat owners wrap their presents.

    7. And this one describing your cat's sleeping habits.

    8. This cartoon cat that always wants to be on the other side of the door.

    9. This cat that does not want its owner to do any work.

    10. This cat licking a PlayStation, probably because you told it not to.

    11. This cat carefully removing all the litter from its box.

    12. This fearless idiot cat.

    13. This totally acceptable level of personal space.

    14. This cat, who just wants what is rightfully his.

    15. This cat who is genuinely worried about you.

    16. This cat's love for cotton buds and disregard for consequences.

    17. This cat's sensitivity towards the feelings of its fellow beings.

    18. This cat that suddenly loves you in its time of need.

    19. This cat, judging you for living your life.

    20. This cat that just doesn't give a damn about what you want in life.

    21. This cat who always wants the box, never the present.

    22. This cat who doesn't want to be cute anymore.

    23. This cat who likes to sit here during all the crucial moments of the game.

    24. This tale of unrequited love.

    25. And this pile of lint roll papers.