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24 Pictures That Are Way Too Real For Everyone With Long Hair

RIP to all your lost bobby pins and snapped hair ties.

1. When you go to put your hair up and all your jewellery comes up with it.

Twitter: @2L_belle

Or you take off your necklace, but then it just magically stays.

2. So you have to either just tug or cut.

3. You collect all your fallen friends on your shower wall.

Twitter: @pet_princess

And then you forget to take them with you, so the next person who takes a shower gets a hairy shock.

4. But if you don't make little hair shower paintings you know you'll have to go fishing in the drain. And it won't be fun.

Twitter: @johnmander

You'll have to go drain fishing eventually, but you'll do anything you can to delay it.

5. Your hair is always painfully holding you back in life.

6. And really painfully pulling you down.

Twitter: @SarahJWelshy

Zip + hair = the ultimate pain.

7. People text you tales of what your hairs that left you are up to now.

8. You don't understand people who use up shampoo and conditioner at the same rate.

Twitter: @ariaafq

"Use enough to cover a 10 pence piece" PFFFFFTTTT.

9. When you're really going to enjoy eating something, you have to take a minute to prepare first.

10. Because if you leave it down you'll end up storing little snacks for later.

11. When you try and do a "messy bun" it usually ends up looks like a small dead animal or the leaning Tower of Pisa.

12. And once you've had it up, you can't just casually take it down again.

13. It's nearly impossible to take a nice photo on a windy day.

Twitter: @dasha_nadina

The trick is to face into the wind.

14. And forget driving along comfortably with the windows rolled down.

15. This has happened to you at least once.

16. And no matter how many times this happens to you, it still hurts every time.

Twitter: @AshBoesch

It's always just when you've got it stretched right.

17. Every time you dry your hair it's a full-on upper-body workout.

18. Any fancy up-dos require roughly one packet of bobby pins.

Twitter: @courtlen

And even if you're sure you've got them all out, you'll still find another one when you next wash your hair.

19. Your hair ends up getting caught in absolutely everything.

Twitter: @MoriahHairston

And you'll find it in the weirdest places.

20. You can't just casually rest your sunglasses on top of your head.

21. You've used a pen that is still partially stuck in your hair.

22. In fact if there is something that looks like hair could become stuck in it, your hair will find it and it will not let go.

23. You suspect your carpets are made up of about 50% human hair.

24. And you've found hairs in your butt, that did not grow in your butt.