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    29 Tweets That All British People Will Find Mildly Funny

    Including the woman who takes the award for nicking the most sauce from Nando's.

    1. These unlikely look-a-likes.

    2. This very interesting front page.

    I didn't know you could get a full page ad on the front of the Evening News these days

    3. And this badly designed hat.

    Bought my 4 year old this hat from H&M kids despite the fact he can't even cope with skunk yet.

    4. This classic photo opportunity.

    You drop pancakes but you won't drop uni fees aite skn

    5. These competing corner shops.

    You vs the guy she told you not to worry about

    6. Ed Miliband just being Ed Miliband.

    "Do they know it's Christmas time..." #EUref

    7. Roman Ed Milliband.

    Ed Miliband is an immortal who has reincarnated throughout history. We're through the looking glass here people.

    8. This awkward pose.

    9. And this chilling look.

    Ten mins into trifle and chill and he gives u this look x

    10. This summary of Steve Brookstein's career.

    X-Factor careers go one of two ways. Which one are you?

    11. This unfortunate sequence of tweets.

    When your Eid selfies don't bang

    12. This beautiful garden.

    i planted a hammer here 6 months ago, it is blossoming into a beautiful deck. soon all the wild dads will graze here

    13. This handy sign.

    14. This absolute bargain.

    Hey! Anyone wanna buy a 6 bed house in Leytonstone for £1.2m? Looks nice, needs a bit of TLC and WOAH WHAT iS THAT??

    15. This handy guide.

    ugh had to make this guide for my stupid stepdad craig. he just doesnt get it

    16. This total show-off.

    17. These two cuties.

    i want someone to look at me the way that the blonde man looks at sadiq khan

    18. These two £5 notes, where one is worth so much more.

    19. This old hen.

    "Yo fam, Nando's are tryna bag me. Allow me to hide in your yard quick?"

    20. This typical day for Jeremy Kyle.

    This is why The Jeremy Kyle Show is trending this morning.

    21. This absolute disaster.

    22. This cheeky bloke.

    23. This solid truth about Tattoo Fixers.

    How Tattoo Fixers would solve a stain on the lounge carpet.

    24. Ed Balls.

    This accidental resignation.

    25. And this probable dismissal.

    26. This savvy mum.

    How can my mum go to nandos & fill up a whole water bottle of hot sauce 😭💔

    27. And this scammer.

    28. Britney's new job.

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