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    Posted on Oct 31, 2015

    19 Photos That Will Terrify All Makeup Addicts

    Eyeliner is your best friend and your worst enemy.

    1. When you've got your eyeshadow on point, and then your mascara just decides to ruin it all.

    You probably just end up smudging it in and pretending you were totally going for smoky eye anyway.

    2. Or when you're just adding the final coat of mascara and you go and stab yourself in the side of the nose.

    3. When you think you look great in your room, and then you go outside and realise you've just dipped your face in paint.

    4. When you see a really cool tutorial on YouTube you think you could totally do, but then you suck at it.

    They make it look so easy!

    5. When you're just going for a subtle cat eye, and then you do one eye bigger than the other.

    And before you know it you are an actual panda.

    6. Or you actually do your eyeliner OK, and then you blink and ruin everything.

    Damn human reflexes.

    7. When you drop your bronzer and all your dreams shatter.

    8. Or when your favourite lipstick breaks and so does your heart.

    9. When you don't take your makeup off properly before you shower and all your towels end up covered in little black stains.

    10. When you can't be arsed to take your makeup off and then regret it as soon as you wake up.

    my pillow case has been through the wash four times since the day zayn left one direction & the makeup stain remains

    11. When you have to make a long call with makeup on and then your phone looks like the Turin Shroud.

    Flo Perry / BuzzFeed

    12. When you've done your lipstick perfectly but then you also need to eat to survive.

    "@JustAGirIThing: When you're eating but you don't wanna mess up your lipstick " @krissxr @CatastropicCam cameo 😂

    13. When you reapply your lipstick after you've had a few drinks and it all goes a bit wrong.

    14. Or when you forget how much effort you put into getting the perfect pout and just make out with some hottie.

    Note to Self: Don’t practice making out on the back of your hand when wearing lipstick #webcamtoy

    Or, you know, the back of your hand.

    15. When you first try contouring and either don't see the difference or look like you've rolled in some dirt.

    16. When you glue your eyelashes on wrong and have a permanent wink for the whole night.

    Logo TV

    Not to mention when one of them starts poking you in the eyeball.

    17. Or when one eyelash decides it's time to go home.

    18. When you forget you have makeup on and get an itchy eye.

    19. And this absolute nightmare.

    Twitter: @CieraHyatt

    That you didn't actually think was possible until now.

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