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32 Photos Guaranteed To Annoy Your Inner Neat Freak

Who are the evil monsters who put empty bottles back in the fridge?

1. When someone thinks this is what counts as a tidy kitchen.

2. The pain of unsorted cutlery, it cuts deep.

3. Anyone who opens a packet of crisps at the wrong end is doing so purely to irritate you.

4. Those evil monsters who put empty bottles back in the fridge.

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Oh yes let me enjoy come nice chilled air...NOT.

5. Why does anybody put an empty packet back in the cupboard?

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To spite you, that's why.

6. How hard is it, people?

7. Only the devil's children play bin Jenga.

8. You can feel the pain of the pen as it was so wrongly bent.

9. And the loneliness of this unmatched sock.

10. These tangled headphones pull on your heart strings.

11. The thought of cleaning this up, and trying to get all the icing out from between the keys.

🙈 It's too much.

12. The spawn of the devil don't hang up the bath mat after their shower.

13. The evil gnomes that don't put things back in the right place in the supermarket.

14. Crumbs. In. The. Butter.

15. This toilet paper, picking up germs willy nilly on the floor.

16. This foil that's been violated.

17. The person who was going to take the bin out, but then must have been called to an emergency.

Why else would they just leave it there?

18. This poor excuse for dishwasher Tetris.

19. And this one.


20. The most inefficient way to use toothpaste.

21. How hard can it be to keep a cap clean?

The horrible feeling of getting a bit of dried toothpaste in your mouth.

22. The children of satan who put egg shells back in the egg box.

Their one true home is in the bin. That's where they belong.

23. This hanger, swimming against the tide, and being so wrong.

24. Anyone who thinks these plates will dry nicely.

Spoiler: They won't.

25. The evil villains who don't realise you can fold pizza boxes to get them in the bin.

26. The monsters who don't refill the ice tray.

27. Animals who can't stack plates properly.

28. When you've spent all morning cleaning the house and then some goblin just dumps a plate in the sink.

29. This lint roller that has been treated so cruelly.

30. Whoever opened this blind deserves a medal...for being an awful human.

31. Enemies of the state who don't throw away empty shampoo bottles.

32. Have mercy on us all.