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    33 Important Things We Learned From "Ab Fab"

    Science is wrong, you can live a perfectly normal life on nothing but cigarettes and champagne.

    1. That feminism is complicated.

    2. How to deliver the ultimate come back.

    3. How to do a proper sit up.

    4. That your vocabulary should be long and diverse.

    5. That bitching is actually an art form.

    6. And a good insult should really paint a picture.

    7. That determination is all it takes to achieve your goals.

    8. But some things won't be as easy as first thought.

    9. So maybe it's best just to stop trying sometimes.

    10. But other times the solution to all your problems will be right in front of you.

    11. That mornings (and afternoons) are seriously overrated.


    12. And that being sober is also seriously overrated.

    13. But being hungover is the absolute worst.

    14. How to make a bong out of anything.

    15. That water is a mixer.

    16. How to be completely honest with your best friend.

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    17. That you can actually survive just fine on cigarettes and champagne.

    18. That if you pass out in the right place you might get a free boat ride.

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    19. How to give absolutely zero fucks.

    20. That sunlight is definitely bad for you.

    21. How to properly introduce yourself.,


    22. That age is just a number, a very important number.

    23. How to extract important gossip.

    24. How to set realistic goals for yourself.


    25. That philosophy, like most things, is best done drunk.

    26. That doing your taxes is really difficult, and seems very unfair.

    27. That drugs are fabulous.


    28. But they don't solve all your problems.

    29. That looking good takes some serious dedication.

    30. And getting ready takes a long, long time.


    31. How to be the ultimate trendsetter.

    32. But some things are best left to the young.

    33. And that most importantly every single one of us is absolutely fabulous.