33 Important Things We Learned From "Ab Fab"

Science is wrong, you can live a perfectly normal life on nothing but cigarettes and champagne.

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11. That mornings (and afternoons) are seriously overrated.


15. That water is a mixer.

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Patsy: "What will you drink if you stop drinking?"

Eddie: "I shall drink water. It's a mixer, Patsy. We have it with whisky."

Eddie: "You know what it's like. You've given up drinking before."

Patsy: "Worst eight hours of my life."

16. How to be completely honest with your best friend.

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18. That if you pass out in the right place you might get a free boat ride.

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21. How to properly introduce yourself.,


24. How to set realistic goals for yourself.


27. That drugs are fabulous.


30. And getting ready takes a long, long time.