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    23 Perfectly Valid Reasons To Buy Yourself Flowers

    Someone's got to do it.

    1. Because you had a shit day at work.

    2. Because you achieved something and you needed a well done present.

    3. Because you were in the supermarket anyway and they looked lovely.

    4. Because it's spring and daffodils are only a pound.

    5. Because going out to buy yourself flowers is a nice outing.

    6. Because you want to up your Instagram game.

    7. Because they brighten any windowsill.

    8. Because they turn a dinner into a dinner party.

    9. Because you kind of want to pretend someone else bought them for you.

    10. Because you just wanted your house to look a bit nicer.

    11. Because you were sad and they go so nicely with your takeaway.

    12. Because you were in a good mood and wanted to do something spontaneous.

    13. Because they make your desk somewhere nice to be.

    14. Because they make revision just that little bit easier.

    15. Because you saw some really nice flowers and just wanted them.

    16. Because you deserve flowers.

    17. Because it makes you feel like a grown up.

    18. Because they make your house smell nice.

    19. Because it makes you feel special.

    20. Because it gets you in the ~mood~.

    21. Because they were the most beautiful flowers you'd ever seen.

    22. Because they really worked with your outfit.

    23. Because you just wanted to.