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    24 People Who Woke Up With The Mother Of All Hangovers

    Warning: You may get a headache from just looking at these people.

    1. This man who thought this urinal looked like a lovely comfy bed.

    2. This guy, who had to do some serious explaining the next morning.

    3. This man, who is never leaving the sofa again.

    4. Anyone who thinks a table is a good substitute for a blanket.

    5. This person, who is either really gross, or a genius.

    6. Pizza-slice-pillow girl.

    7. Anyone who let another drunk person apply their sun screen.

    8. Whoever passed out holding this.

    9. This man, who had one night of forbidden love with his fridge door.

    10. Anyone who has to wake up in this position.

    11. This unfortunate man.

    12. This man, who passed out on a train, while rolling something.

    13. This man, who passed out in a park, holding a burrito.

    14. This man, whose kind friends decided to bury him when he passed out.

    15. This man, whose so-called friends were "just trying to keep him warm."

    16. This woman, whose fellow passengers were just plain cruel to her.

    17. This man, who did not deserve to be treated like this.

    18. The man underneath all that furniture.

    19. Whoever is being used for the foundations of this random object tower.

    20. WHY?

    21. All the sad people that were used as a canvas against their will.

    22. However witty the joke, the pain of scrubbing it off remains.

    23. Whoever thought their phone would charge like this.

    24. And Josh.