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23 Of Humanity's Greatest Achievements

We are not worthy.

1. The person who committed to the very last and achieved what most only dream of.

2. This person whose skill and perseverance are an example to us all.

3. The team that worked tirelessly, and accomplished more together than they ever could alone.

4. This man whose courage didn't waver.

This man who is NOT a quitter.

5. The person who with a little time and dedication created something so beautiful the whole world has been lifted.

6. This higher being who has reached enlightenment.

7. This craftsman who achieved what many thought impossible.

8. This person who did something to his spare change that had never been done before, presumably

He opened our minds and he opened our hearts.

9. The skilled chef who waited years, but never once stopped believing in the mythical double double yolk.

10. This person who didn't let the haters get them down in the hard times.

11. This artist who blew not one balloon, not two balloons, but one balloon pregnant with a baby balloon.

Bow down.


Who digs around the bit in the middle? THIS GUY.

13. Look at that woman cowering at the beauty of this pinnacle of humankind.

14. This man who is surely the next step in the evolutionary path. He can fit an iPhone in his mouth.

The future looks bright.

15. All the leaders out there who can peel a tangerine in one go.

You are superior.

16. This person who did the impossible task: The Blank Puzzle.

17. This Jaffa cake king, who lives amongst all us Jaffa mortals.

18. The creator of the peanut butter shelf.

It is an honour to live with you amongst us.

19. Whoever discovered that is in possible to balance a beer on some forks.


20. The dark arts must surely have been used to achieve such levels of inner peace.

Twitter: @realjoeyharris

Those guys, they're all like "Woah."

21. The queen of study procrastination.

22. The creator of perfection. This banana is not for scale, but is actually in orbit around this perfect foil sphere.

23. This wizard.

We are not worthy.

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