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28 People Who Can't Deal With The Modern World

Dedicated to parents everywhere.

1. The person who needed someone to simplify their remotes for them.

2. People who need a magnifying glass to read their texts.

3. People who take accidental selfies.

4. Whoever made their DVD player say this.

5. Or this.

6. This McDonald's customer.

7. Anyone trying to receive a text on a landline.

8. Anyone who gets their phone confused with their remote control.

9. This girl taking a selfie in the mirror with her laptop.

10. Anyone who uses their iPad to take pictures in public.

11. Or, even worse, to make phone calls.

12. This BBC news reporter who picked up a pad of paper instead of an iPad.

BBC / Via

13. This guy who should buy a bag for his iPad.

14. Anyone who thinks an iPad makes a good necklace.

15. The person who owns Schrödinger's printer.

16. Anyone trying to print a GIF.

17. The person behind this printer that harks back to a simpler age.

18. Anyone using Comic Sans for anything.

19. People who Snapchat in public.

20. Anyone who gets their Snapchats developed.

21. The IT people at this office.

22. The person who should just buy a laptop.

23. People who put their computer to "sleep" like this.

24. Mums who like texting.

25. People who like headphones too much.

26. And people who don't like headphones at all.

27. The person who misunderstood when someone told them to "clean up their hard drive".

28. The guy who dropped his phone in a radiator during a video call.

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