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Jan 10, 2015

22 People Who Are Not Ready To Be A Proper Adult Yet

Growing up is overrated.

1. This guy who just couldn't resist.

2. This guy who accidentally relived his youth when he bought a child's tent.

3. These guys who wouldn't let an opportunity pass them by.

4. This group of friends, who don't let boring adult social norms get them down.

5. Anyone who still rides in trollies.

6. These students who know how to have fun.

7. This guy who is making the most of a situation.

8. This guy who isn't too old to make a fort, and now has many more resources.

9. Whoever made this joke.

10. These people who are trying to be adults, but then can't quite let go of their past.

11. Kevin, who hasn't quite got being a grown up figured out yet.

12. This guy who was disappointed that the dinosaur tail wouldn't fit around his waist.

13. Whoever decided this was the right paint job for their smart car.

14. The man who got stuck inside a giant sculpture of a vagina.

15. This motor bike enthusiast who still knows how to have fun.

16. The person who built a study fort in the library.

17. These guys who have found a better use for these machines.

18. This man who isn't happy with his Christmas present.

19. This prankster who doesn't care for random acts of kindness.

20. Anyone who takes photos like this.

21. This guy who just couldn't resist.

22. But who wants to grow up anyway?

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