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    29 People Who Are Just Taking The Piss

    Whoever is responsible for filling crisp packets with more air than crisps.

    1. These mice.

    2. This person trying to sell used plastic bags.

    3. Whoever took their orders to use the shovel to fill in the hole a bit too literally.

    4. McDonald's, when it made this poor excuse for a chicken sandwich.

    5. Estate agents.

    Must be such a laugh being an estate agent, taking a photo of your camera, taking the piss out of a poor person

    6. This girl.

    7. This frying pan.

    8. This dog openly mocking this baby.

    9. The cruel person who did this.

    Oi naa someone in my house is taking the piss how am I finding this in the bag 😳😔

    10. Whoever designed these urinals.

    11. Whoever put the phrase "simply put" on the quantum mechanics Wikipedia page.

    12. Coventry University netball team.

    13. Those bastards that only fill crisp packets this much.

    14. The people behind this advert.

    15. Whoever made this poor excuse for a pepperoni pizza.

    16. This restaurant trying to flog bags of shit as desert.

    17. The news.

    18. The people behind this marketing for solid wooden floors.

    19. The person who designed this very manly mint sauce label.

    20. This bookshop sales assistant.

    21. Paul McCarthy, the artist behind the giant butt plug sculpture in Paris.

    22. This cat.

    23. The people at Mall Maintenance shop.

    24. The designer of this water fountain.

    25. These reptiles who are all laughing at this monkey's ridiculous nose.

    26. The person in charge of the Tesco buttermilk packaging.

    27. The dick that stole this guy's bassoon.

    28. This Tesco prankster.

    29. This goose, taking the piss out of all us humans.