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24 Owls That Are 100% You

And owl owl owl always love you.

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2. You and your squad trying to flirt with that hottie.

3. You making out with that hottie later that night.


5. You when you buy yourself a new outfit to cheer yourself up about that hottie who ghosted you.

6. You when you see that bitch hottie in the bar again.


8. You when you get drunk enough to confront bitch hottie.


12. You having a revelation about how you're going to turn your life around.

14. The completely new you, with your freshly turned around life, walking to the bar.

15. You entering the bar.


16. You hearing someone else at the bar gossiping about how you and bitch hottie hooked up that one time.

18. You and your squad when you spot a brand new hottie walk into the bar.

19. You playing it cool and letting that hottie come to you.

20. You letting that hottie see how damn good you are at karaoke.

21. You letting that hottie see all the junk in your trunk.

22. You blowing that hottie away with how damn fabulous you are.

23. You and that hottie taking cute selfies together that make bitch hottie sorry they ever left you.