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    12 Really Nice Houses Outside Of London And 12 Shit Houses Inside Of London

    You can buy your own private beach in Orkney for under £300,000.

    1. For £99,000 you can buy this spacious four-bedroom house in Workington, Cumbria.

    It has one of ~those~ baths.

    Or you could get this garage in Fulham for £100,000!

    If your car likes to be well connected, this is the property for you!

    2. For £110,000 you can get a seven-bedroom property on the Isle of Harris, Outer Hebrides.

    It's located between a load of lochs and you can turn it into a B&B if you like.

    Or for £115,000 you can get a one-bed boat in Angel, Islington.

    It's called Monstruito! Nice place to live if you like feeling a bit chilly and hate wide-open spaces.

    3. For £209,950 you could live in this adorable three-bedroom cottage in Islandmagee, Northern Ireland.

    This isn't the house for you if you don't like looking at the sea all the time, or if you don't like blue.

    Or for £200,000 you could be the proud owner of this one-bedroom flat in Forest Gate.

    Includes innovative plastic bag storage solutions. It's less than a mile to Upton Park, so you can be in central London in under 50 minutes – that's if the District line is working.

    4. For £295,000 you could buy your own private beach, and a really nice four-bedroom house on Orkney.

    You also get a couple of barns, a beach hut to go with your own private bit of beach, and a paddock for your pony.

    Or for £305,000 you could buy this studio flat in St John's Wood.

    Who needs multiple rooms when you can walk to Regent's Park?

    5. For £419,950 you could buy this six-bedroom converted church in Taffs Well, Cardiff.

    It has two kitchens!

    Or for £425,000 you could get this studio flat in Chelsea.

    It has a very nice bathroom and it's a stones throw from the River Thames, but probably not the place for you if you like to cook with garlic.

    6. For £530,000 you could live in this four-bedroom detached house on the Kent coast.

    It's less than two hours away from London, if you ever felt the need to leave that view.

    Or if you're looking for a family home that's a little more central you can get this three-bedroom house in Bermondsey for £550,000.

    This is actually a bargain for London, it has a garden!!!

    7. For £600,000 you can buy this crazy six-bedroom house in Dumbarton, and pretend you're a legit lord.

    Perfect if you've always wanted your own tower and stained-glass windows, also only 30 minutes to Glasgow.

    Or you could get this two-bedroom terrace house in Stepney Green for £650,000.

    Sure it needs a bit of an update, but it has a garden! And two loos!

    8. For £700,000 you could buy this modern six-bedroom house in Medburn, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

    It's got a lot of windows.

    Or you could get this perfectly nice one-bedroom flat in Swiss Cottage for £700,000.

    There's nothing wrong with it, it's just not a six-bedroom mansion with a massive sky light is it?

    9. For £800,000 you could get this nine-bedroom house in Matlock, Derbyshire.

    It's less than an hour's drive to Sheffield or Nottingham.

    Or you could get this six-room (there are no beds yet) house in Stoke Newington for £799,000.

    Free wall art! But you don't get the shop it's above I'm afraid.

    10. For £900,000 you could get this nine-bedroom castle in Kinshore, Aberdeenshire.

    It's got "four or five good reception rooms" so very good if you hold a lot of receptions, or if you live with people you don't like that much.

    Or for £900,000 you could get this two-bedroom flat in Tower Hill.

    It's got one massive bedroom, and one tiny one, so you'll have to flip a coin for rooms.

    11. For £1 million you can be the proud owner of this eight-bedroom beach-side property in Cornwall.

    It's practically on the beach, and that beach just happens to be gorgeous. Also it's massive.

    Or you could spend that £1 million you have lying around on this shop in Wembley.

    To be fair you also get the two whole floors above it as well.

    (I don't think they bothered to tidy up or hire a professional photographer for the pictures.)

    12. For £1.2 million you can get this actual mansion in Staffordshire.

    It's got eight bedrooms, 2.6 acres of land, and the bathrooms are about the size of a normal flat in Hackney.

    Or you could get a four-bedroom maisonette in Shepherd's Bush for £1.25 million.

    It's got potential.