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Everything You Need To Know About Nailympia

We went along to the world championship of nail art, and everyone totally nailed it.

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Founded in 2004, Nailympia is a competition for nail artists across the world to show off their skils.

Ryan Grimley / BuzzFeed

Nailympia takes place in a different location every year, with this year's competition taking place in London.

The contestants bring stick-on nails they have made at home, from acrylics and gels.

Ryan Grimley/ BuzzFeed

The only rules are that the contestants cannot touch the models' hands before the hour begins, and the art must be attached to the nails.

This model had to have a stand to hold up her arm platform.

Ryan Grimley / BuzzFeed

She also had working battery powered lights in the village scene, which was equipped with a fully decked out pub and shop. Nail artist Corinne Bailey considered plugging in the lights to the wall, but thought that would be a bit impractical.

Some of the contestants were not professional nail technicians, but do nail art as a hobby.

Ryan Grimley/ BuzzFeed

Such as Corinne Bailey, pictured here, who does tax returns as her day job, but supplements her income by selling her nail creations.

Judge Tracey Boyle said she was looking for a fully 3D design. "I don't like it when they just have stuff on the top of the nail, I want sculpture on the underneath too."

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