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19 Things That Happen When All Your Friends Are Lesbians

"You can't wear plaid and a beanie, because I'm wearing plaid and a beanie."

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1. At some point you have talked about which L Word character everyone is.


It's so clichéd it hurts, but everyone wants to be Alice, no one wants to be Jenny, and no one can be Shane because she is otherworldly.


5. When someone brings a new queer girl into the group, it's a big deal.


All new queer girls are a big deal because there is an eternal drought of lesbians in the world. And if they're single, they'll probably only be single for as long as it takes for someone to find their nail clippers.


12. Sometimes you can't believe that other people don't work out you're all queer straightaway.


Like men chatting you up in bars, or when you wander over to the men's section together and get asked, "Who are you buying this for?"


13. Because it's easy to forget that not everyone lives in queertopia.


As a group you have the most honed gaydar imaginable. So it's easy to forget that actually most people just live in straight world and forget that lesbians exist outside of porn.


18. You are all 100% there for each other.


When you need to share the story of the worst online date you've ever had. When you just have to tell someone who gets it about the ignorant homophobic thing your colleague just said. Or ask for advice when you need to explain to your mum that your flatmate isn't just your flatmate.