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    This Is Why Hot Cross Buns Are Better Than Easter Eggs

    Bow down to the bun.

    Easter is a time you spend time with your family because of religion.

    It's like Christmas without the presents and '70s pop music.

    Around this time of year it is traditional to exchange chocolate eggs. I'm sure you're all aware of this.

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    This is because Jesus was reborn appaz, eggs symbolise birth, and chocolate is nice.

    The other traditional delicacy of Easter is the hot cross bun.

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    It's got a cross on it because Jesus died on the cross, remember?

    Recently Easter eggs have really been stealing the limelight from the humble hot cross buns.

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    Where are the hot cross bun hunts huh?

    But the truth is that Easter eggs are a bit shit and hot cross buns are bloody incredible.

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    First of all you can put butter on a hot cross bun, and butter is world's greatest food.

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    Everything + butter = Good.

    Most Easter eggs these days are your standard corner shop chocolate bar, melted down and moulded into a shape that doesn't suit it.

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    What is a Twirl without the Twirly texture? Huh?

    Hot cross buns contain fruit so therefore they are good for you.*

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    *not really but basically.

    Easter eggs are usually hollow which is always a disappointment.

    Which means you don't actually get ~that~ much chocolate.

    Eating a hot cross bun is like having a warm hug.

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    Warm doughy bread, with a toasted crunchy top, juicy little bursts of fruit and spice, and glorious melted butter.


    Eating an Easter egg feels like you're just doing what THE MAN would want you to do.

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    "Why am I eating this over-priced chocolate?"

    "Because it's traditional."

    "Can I have a normal Dairy Milk bar?"

    "Only the ones that come free with the egg."

    You see Easter eggs are what THEY want you to eat. 😦

    Hot cross buns are not limited to butter, they go brilliantly with cheese. TRUST ME.

    There is no limit to what the humble hot cross bun can handle. Look at this brave bun carrying this perfect scoop of ice cream.

    Easter eggs are a step down from your usual fancy chocolate.

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    If you insist on eating round chocolate then buy a Terry’s Chocolate Orange: that’s a sphere of chocolate I can get behind.

    While hot cross buns are a massive step up from bread.

    You could even make your own hot cross buns and feel like a king!

    This Easter celebrate in style, like this baby. Choose the bun not the egg.

    Bun > egg.