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    The 24 Most Misandrist Things That Have Ever Happened

    Misandry is real.

    1. This soup.

    2. This toilet seat.

    3. This duck.

    4. This sign predicting the future.

    5. This emoji, which is obviously talking about penis size.

    6. This port.

    7. Praying mantises.

    8. These socks.

    9. This soap.

    10. This performance art that happened in London in April.

    11. The popular book and television series Game Of Thrones.


    12. This beautiful pedicure.

    13. This necklace.

    14. This gingerbread person.

    15. This mug.

    16. Tumblr.

    17. Magazines.

    Ugh no magazines with men on the cover #misandry

    beanie wearer@initfoFollow

    Ugh no magazines with men on the cover #misandry

    2:07 AM - 28 May 13ReplyRetweetFavorite

    18. Whatever is happening here.

    19. This tattoo.

    20. This piece of art carrying an important message.

    21. This T-shirt.

    22. The ingenious web for hunting stray men.

    23. This very useful sausage cutter.

    24. And this handy vegetable slicer.

    Remember people.

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