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28 Pictures That Are Definitely Just You As A Cat

Cats: They're just like us.

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1. You in your profile picture vs. you in your tagged pictures.

2. You working out.

3. You trying to be normal.

4. You when you're faced with the responsibilities of parenting.

5. You when you check your emails after being away for a while.

6. You trying to be nice to Sandra from accounts, even though you kind of hate her guts.

7. You when you hear someone mention your name in conversation.

8. You when you find out Sandra from accounts is sleeping with Bob from IT.

9. You trying to climb the career ladder.

10. You waiting up for bae when they said they'd be home half an hour ago.

11. You when you go out for a nice dinner and you see Sandra and Bob on a date.

12. You learning stuff the hard way.

13. You opening your bills.

14. You when you open the curtains and realise the snow has turned your world into winter wonderland over night.

15. You when you tell your work BFF about how you saw Sandra and Bob.

16. You reading the news and thinking about all the bad things that happen in the world.

17. You when someone brings free food into the office, but not enough for everyone.

18. You when you've dressed up all smart to pick up your date and their mum answers the door.

19. When you and your work BFF were bitching about Bob and Sandra and then then Sandra walks in and you have to go quiet.

20. You babysitting.

21. You when you're friend says "remember that time when..."

22. You when you try out a new look.

23. You coming back into the office after you had a beer at lunch.

24. You when your boss makes a sexist joke and you feel compelled to laugh because it's just easier than reporting him to HR.

25. You when Sandra from accounts says "we have so much in common!"

26. You when you think about all the life choices that got you to where you are now.

27. You when you realise you can't retire for another 35 years.

28. You eating a cake.