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    12 Places In Scotland To Move To If You Don't Want To Live In England Anymore

    So it turns out we probably can't just move anywhere in Europe anymore, but we can still jump ship up north.

    1. How about this cute sea view cottage on an island in the middle of the North Sea.

    How much? £99,000.

    Where? Birsay, Orkneys.

    How many bedrooms? Two.

    Pros? If world war three breaks out it's very far away from everything.

    2. Or if you fancy more city living you could move to Edinburgh and live in this grand flat.

    How much? £200,000.

    Where? Newington, Edinburgh.

    How many bedrooms? One

    Pros? A lot of pine, so if there's an apocalyptic revolution then you'll have quite a lot of firewood to keep you warm.

    3. You could live in this modern, glassy loch-side villa.

    How much? £298,000.

    Where? Acharacle, Argyll.

    How many bedrooms? Four.

    Pros? Near lots of boats. Boats are good for escaping when the end is nigh.

    4. You could spend the rest of your days in this little cottage in the middle of nowhere.

    How much? £295,000.

    Where? Fort Augustus, Inverness-shire.

    How many bedrooms? Four.

    Pros? It's next to a fresh water stream so when our infrastructure fails you should still have a source of drinking water.

    5. You could forget about your normal job and just warn people about dangerous rocks in this lighthouse.

    How much? £300,000.

    Where? Hoy, Orkney.

    How many bedrooms? Seven.

    Pros? If you fancy turning to a life of crime then you could just turn the lighthouse off and watch things crash and then rob the wrecks of their goods. That would be a bad idea though, don't do that.

    6. You could run this guesthouse that overlooks a massive loch that runs into the sea.

    How much? £365,000.

    How many bedrooms? Seven.

    Where? Strome Ferry, Ross-shire.

    Pros? You could survive by fishing that massive lake and there are lots of rooms you could store tinned food in.

    7. You could hide away for ever in this actual fortress.

    How much? £499,000.

    Where? Farr by Inverness.

    How many bedrooms? Six.

    Pros? Have you seen this place? You will be safe here.

    8. You could live a self-sufficient lifestyle in this farm house.

    How much? £575,000.

    Where? Colintraive, Argyll and Bute.

    How many bedrooms? Three, but it seems to have a lot of outhouses.


    9. You could never see another human again and try and survive in this remote hotel?

    How much? £625,000.

    Where? Isle of Harris

    How many bedrooms? Four in the main house, loads more in the actual hotel.

    Pros? It has its own bar, so you could just stay there forever?

    10. You could runaway and pretend to be a king in this house that is not actually a castle, but you could have fooled me.

    How much? £675,000.

    Where? Plockton, Ross-Shire.

    How many bedrooms? It says four, but I reckon they're lying and there must be more.

    Pros? Come the next great war the turret will come in useful when trying to contact other resistance groups on your wind-up radio.

    11. And this castle also looks nice?

    How much? £1,100,000

    Where? Aberlour, Banffshire.

    How many bedrooms? Eleven.

    Pros? It has a lot of chandeliers that you could smash and use as a weapon. Also that flag pole looks useful.

    12. Or you could buy this island and then declare independence.

    How much? £1,950,000

    Where? Isle Of Tanera Mor, near Achiltibuie, Ross-Shire.

    How many bedrooms? None it's an island, but potential for many.

    Pros? This could be the start of your empire. Very strong border control.

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