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London In Films Vs London In Reality

Where do they put all the people when they film here?

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1. London parks in films:

Working Title Films

London parks in reality:

2. London flats in films:

Universal Pictures

London flats in reality:

3. The tube in films:


The tube in reality:

4. The Thames in films:

Universal Pictures

The Thames in reality:

5. London buses in films:

Warner Bros

London buses in reality:

6. Westminster Bridge in films:

DNA Films

Westminster Bridge in reality:

7. London pigeons in films:


London pigeons in reality:

8. London police in films:

Eon Productions

London police in reality:

9. London restaurants in films:

Columbia Pictures

London restaurants in reality:

10. London views in films:

Universal Pictures

London views in reality:

11. London fashion in films:


London fashion in reality:

12. Friendly London strangers in films:

Warner Bros

Friendly London strangers in reality:

13. Powerful Londoners in films:

Eon Productions

Powerful Londoners in reality:

Lee Medcalf / Barcroft Media / Getty Images