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    11 Things That Are Actually Romantic When You've Been Together For Two Years

    True love is eating someone's olives for them.

    1. When you bitch about someone, and they totally understand every complaint.

    2. When they look at all your weird spots and agree to be your amateur doctor.

    3. When you're incredibly hungover and they're still nice too you.

    4. When they pluck out that rogue body hair for you.

    5. When you were meant to have a romantic evening in, but then you both fall asleep in front of the telly.

    6. When you can eat and really enjoy the grossest food in front of each other.

    7. And when they eat all the bits you don't like in your meal.

    8. When they'll leave a party early with you because you're sleepy.

    9. When they let you watch TV they hate occasionally.

    10. When they aren't grossed out by you when you haven't washed in a lil' while.

    11. When you can have a romantic moment while one of you is peeing.