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13 Tiny New Year Goals That Might Make Twentysomethings Happy In 2017

None of these involve losing weight or "getting out more".

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1. Learn to knit a beanie.

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Knitting is a great hobby, mainly because it's easy to do while watching TV. If you often find yourself distractedly scrolling through your phone and becoming depressed about the world, start knitting. Here is a great post teaching you the basics and here is a great first hat pattern. Anything you don't know is on YouTube.

2. Make some rail space in your wardrobe.

Instagram: @kateanddash

Or clear out that drawer or cupboard you always dump stuff in when you don't know where to put it. Giving stuff to charity makes you feel good, and having space makes you feel good. If you're holding on to something you never use because you feel like you should wear it, or it cost a lot of money, or you like the person who gave it to you, throw it out. Keeping it in your wardrobe isn't making you happier or saving you money. Soz.

3. Grow a plant.

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Chilli plants are great, because you can eat them and they grow indoors. They look nice and smell nice.

4. Do an organised exercise event.

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There will probably be one for you, even if you hate running. It is just the best feeling being cheered and winning a medal, even if you didn't have to train for it. If you can swim, you can swim half a mile, and in the UK Great Swim events are super fun and really inclusive. Or you can do a timed Park Run 5K, for free, every Saturday all over the UK; you won't get a medal, but you will get the occasional cheer. Doing exercise purely for a sense of achievement rather than to lose weight is much more fun.

5. Become a sort of expert on something.

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School totally ruins learning, but there probably is something you're interested in. Start by watching a documentary, then read a book. Enjoyed the Amanda Knox documentary on Netflix? Read more true crime. Loved Planet Earth II? Read a natural history book. Read the biography of your fave celeb, or just watch every contouring YouTube tutorial you can find. Whatever it is, indulge your passion.

6. Make some art to display in your home.

Instagram: @skeetens

Even if you have no talent, you can do this. You could even just print off your favourite Instagrams and get them framed. You can make a collage, you can paint by numbers, you can make a wire sculpture. It's a lovely feeling owning something that no one else owns. And you might surprise yourself – 95% (or something) of craft is just practice and patience.

7. Learn to really, really like vegetables.

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Spend time cooking a vegetable, do something else to it other than just boiling, make it the star of the show. If in doubt roast it, because everything roasted is delicious. Here are 31 amazing vegetable recipes.

8. Clean something you usually ignore.

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Cleaning is so, so boring. BUT you will feel happier when that one thing is clean. Maybe you ignore the inside of your bin? Could your sofa covers do with a wash? Maybe your fridge is smelling a lil' funky? Clean it and vow to never let it get that grimy ever again.

9. Go to the closest restaurant to your house that you've never been to before.

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It might be shit, but at least you've got something to talk about to your neighbours now. And if it's great then you've just found yourself a very convenient new fave.

10. Wear something ever so slightly out of your comfort zone.

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Change up your lipstick colour, or do the opposite and wear one less makeup item to work than you normally do. Simply wear a colour you think won't suit you; if you don't like it, experiment failed, nothing lost (I mean apart from the money you spent on the item, so maybe keep the receipt).

11. Host a dinner party only for your favourite people.

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Plan it in advance, and invite a manageable number of people (having one other person over counts as a dinner party if you do three courses). If you don't back yourself in the kitchen, order takeaway. Maybe invite your favourite people from different parts of your life; you could even invite your mum, she'd probably love it.

12. Find a way to switch up your commute.

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A lot of us spend way too much time commuting to work. If you can find a way to make that time enjoyable your life will get so much better. If you can take a different route, or a different mode of transport, try it out. Even if it takes longer it might be less stressful and more pleasant. If you have the option, try walking or cycling to work. It might take longer, but it's a great feeling arriving at work already having done some exercise. If none of those things are possible try listening to a new podcast or invest in some great noise-cancelling headphones.

13. Stop feeling guilty about one thing.

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Or at least really try. Stop feeling guilty about your afternoon snacks. Or always cancelling on that one friend. Or not calling that relative enough. Or not working as hard as you possibly could. Or never making your bed. Or never sticking to any New Year's resolutions. You can't be perfect, you're probably trying. Give yourself a break.