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21 Things Everyone Who's Been To Klute Just Gets

Everyone in Durham knows it was the second-worst nightclub in Europe, but the first one burnt down.

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1. When you get to Klute it will either be empty or there will be a massive queue.

Klute is never at the perfect level of full where it has an atmosphere, but you can still move.

5. And then head back to Klute for a quaddie.

Kyle Wong / Facebook: KluteDurham


But you can probably still get a half quaddie. And then just drink two of them. I KNOW IT'S NOT THE SAME.

7. Every time you go to Klute there will be a group of people in matching T-shirts.

Probably on some awful social.

8. There will also be several people in fancy dress at all times of the year.

Seeing a Roman soldier snog the face off Harry Potter is a regular sighting in Klute.

9. And a lot of naked people.


11. And you can't get off with someone without it being photographed multiple times.

13. You see the most random things on the dance floor.

Flute in Klute, why not? There is also an urban legend about the staff finding a dead rabbit at the end of the night.

14. This is an accurate picture of the upstairs Klute toilets most nights.

Carlo Saraceni / / Creative Commons

They always flood.

Klute is a very wet place, very near a river. It's amazing it's not like Atlantis by now.

15. And these stairs are basically just a slippery death trap.

17. You haven't really graduated from Durham University unless you've brought your parents to Klute.

18. The only properly good thing about Klute is the smoking area.

It's the size of the club and you can actually talk in it. These days it even has a bar.

19. Though it's the reason why it's so easy to lose everyone you know in Klute.

Walt Disney Pictures

The smoking area staircase and two doors turn the entire club into a never-ending circle of drunk.

21. And you can't leave Klute until you hear "That's Amore".

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It sounds very different without a couple of hundred drunk people singing along.

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