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    Lesbians: Stereotypes Vs Reality

    No one is the "man" in a lesbian relationship. Spoiler: They're both girls.

    1. Stereotype: In every lesbian couple there is a "man" and a "woman".

    Reality: Butch can be with butch, femme with femme – or any of the other gender identities in between.

    2. Stereotype: Lesbians are super moody and sad all the time.

    Reality: Lesbians have the same range of emotions as people of other sexualities.

    3. Stereotype: Lesbian sex doesn't count as real sex.

    Reality: LOL, whatever.

    4. Stereotype: Lesbians love dildos and use them all the time, because they have penis envy.

    Reality: Dildos are not a necessity, much like penises.

    5. Stereotype: Lesbians are always trying to "recruit" straight women to their "cause".

    Reality: Straight women who get with lesbians aren't straight.

    6. Stereotype: All lesbians dress like men and have short hair.

    Reality: Not all lesbians, but when they do, it can be super hot.

    7. Stereotype: Lesbians move in with each other on the second date.

    Reality: Oh em gee no, they have to date for at least a month.

    8. Stereotype: Lesbian bed death.

    Reality: Over time the passion fades in most relationships, gay and straight alike.

    9. Stereotype: Lesbians hate men.

    Reality: Lesbians and men can be BFFs.

    10. Stereotype: Lesbians can't be friends with straight women without wanting to sleep with them.

    Reality: Lesbians can actually be BFFs with all types of people!

    11. Stereotype: Lesbians will be up for a threesome with a straight couple.

    Reality: Probably not.

    12. Stereotype: Lesbians just haven't found the right guy yet.

    Reality: Nope.

    But if a lesbian does fall for a guy...

    13. Stereotype: All lesbians are into sports.

    Reality: Lesbians' interests are as varied as everyone else's.

    14. Stereotype: All lesbians love cats, Tegan and Sara, and The L Word.

    Reality: Not all lesbians, but lots, yes, and that's because those three things are fantastic.