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The 28 Most Middle-Class Things That Happened In 2014

This year will forever be known as the year the middle classes tried to put quinoa in everything. (Remember it's keen-wah!)

1. When a toy coffee machine hit the shelves.

2. When this man really wanted to show his appreciation for a certain type of paté.

3. This graffiti advertising the best radio station ever, and it's in chalk so it's biodegradable!

4. When the world suffered an organic cherry shortage and Green and Blacks had to apologise.

5. When some one decided to rebrand small bowls as "nibble dishes".

Twitter: @Reece_Delaney

A must for dinner parties all over Tunbridge Wells!

6. Any time anyone described anything as "a little off piste."

7. When this family won the prize for the most middle class problem of all time.

8. When venetian blind cleaners came into the world.

9. When the world's most middle-class super hero was born.

10. When this woman sounded genuinely distraught at the lack of Jerusalem artichokes at her local Waitrose.

11. When on Halloween this year someone decided to substitute peppers for pumpkins.

12. When someone dressed up as a cubist painter for Halloween.

Most middle class house ever ... door opened and woman said "Ooh, look at him Ellis - he's dressed up as a Mondrian!"

Joel Lewis@jad_lewisFollow

Most middle class house ever ... door opened and woman said "Ooh, look at him Ellis - he's dressed up as a Mondrian!"

9:51 PM - 31 Oct 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

13. When someone's Dad couldn't locate their flat cap.

Twitter: @jacob_milner

And they had already checked the gloves and scarfs draw!

14. The woman who didn't care about Morrisons because she uses Ocado anyway.

15. When Kettle Chips released their Stilton and port flavour.

16. When someone decided this is the piece of advice they'd like to tell their teen-self.

Twitter: @LemurPatrol

Their mother must be so disappointed.

17. When papaya, low-calorie dog chews came onto the market.

18. And popcorn for dogs!

Twitter: @PeterDMurray

With seaweed!

19. And if your pooch is still lacking some luxury, what about a Stilton flavoured dog bone!

20. When this sentence was actually written in a British newspaper.

21. When the geniuses at M&S decided to make a "presse" out of the two most obscure fruits they could think of.

22. When the book that health-conscious mums in North London had been waiting for arrived!

23. Wonder if it contains a recipe for Quinoa chocolate.

24. Or the middle class super food, quinoa sourdough.

25. When this children's book was published.

26. When the Baguette Krew hit our streets.

27. When a dry cleaner specialized in Ugg cleaning.

28. And every single time Waitrose thinks brioche is essential.

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